Call for Reviewer

This scientific journal is called "Jurnal Ecotipe (Electronic, Control, Telecommunication, Information, and Power Engineering)" with clusters of science in the field of Electrical Engineering covering the field of Electronics, Control, Telecommunications, Information / Informatics, and Power Engineering.

Peer review and reviewers are at the heart of the academic publishing process. Since Jurnal Ecotipe is receiving very good amount of papers for publishing, for that Jurnal Ecotipe is looking for reviewers to help the Editorial Review Board to select high-quality papers.

Research scientists and lecturers (master degree minimum) with NIDN who are qualified (with a proven 3 or more publication records, Sinta ID or Scopus ID) with field of expertise in Electronics, Control, Telecommunications, Information / Informatics, and Power Engineering are welcome to join the Jurnal Ecotipe, as a member of reviewer.

Benefits of Jurnal Ecotipe Reviewers

  • The name of reviewers and Affiliations will be registered in the Journal website
  • Active Reviewers will get Assignment Letter (SK/Surat Tugas) by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Bangka Belitung
  • After the Journal published, active reviewers will get a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • free of charge for publishing paper in Jurnal Ecotipe.
  • Improve your reputation and increase your exposure to key figures in the field.
  • The peer reviewer is a big advance to your carrier. You will become acquainted with the editorial process inside and it will help to publish your own articles in the future.

If you think you can fulfil these requirements and are interested to contribute as Journal Reviewer, please let us know and please complete the online Application Form SUBMIT

We look forward to see you as a vital part of Jurnal Ecotipe.