Design and Realization of Portable Sterilizer for Microbiological Control of Food Products

Perancangan dan Pembuatan Sterilizer Portabel Sebagai Kontrol Mikrobiologi Produk Pangan

  • Mohamad Syafaat Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, Binawan University
  • Wulan Fitriani Safari Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, Binawan University
  • Trianto Haryo Nugroho Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, Binawan University


One of the industrial sectors that continues to increase is the food and beverage industry. The big challenge facing the food and beverage industry is short product shelf life due to degradation by microorganisms. UVC light can be used to sterilize food from microorganisms to extend the shelf life of food products. UVC light have long been used to sterilize drinking water and food products, however in Indonseia, it is rarely used to sterilize food products. In this study, a portable sterilizer was designed and made to kill microorganisms in food products so that their shelf life would be longer. This research was conducted in several step : system design, instrument making, subsystem testing and whole systems testing. Portable sterilizer is equipped with light intensity settings, exposure time, ultrasonic sensor and mass sensor that is displayed on the Touchscreen LCD. Light intensity and exposure time setting is needed to determine the optimal sterilization process. The measurement results shows good accuracy.

Keywords: Food product, Microbiology, Portable sterilizer, UVC


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